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Feel the South Bay Sun on Your Shoulders with Our Convertible Top Repair Services

The South Bay’s climate and scenery attract convertible car owners. Unfortunately, these autos lose their appeal as headliners start to sag and materials decay. The convertible top repair experts at Trim Line & European Upholstery can solve this problem and help you enjoy your open-air vehicle throughout the year.

Although most of our clients want convertible top replacements, we also fix existing tops when possible. Our employees possess the expertise needed to repair or replace almost any removable roof. They have experience with soft as well as hard tops. We can mend an assortment of materials, such as canvas and vinyl.

Our shop serves customers with a wide variety of autos. It doesn't matter if you drive a Volkswagen Beetle, Buick Cascada or Mercedes-Benz coupe; we can provide you with quality, long-lasting convertible top repairs. Our technicians have the right materials to revitalize both antique and modern cars from many different manufacturers.

Convertible Top Replacement for Drivers in a Rush

When you're ready to start the convertible top replacement process, ask our helpful staff for a free consultation or estimate. Trim Line & European Upholstery serves owners as well as insurance agencies. We use indoor storage to protect autos at night. The technicians can usually provide convertible top replacements within two to three days. It may take longer if we need to wait for an insurance adjuster to arrive.

Our staff frequently diagnoses problems and recommends viable solutions on the phone. You can count on our award-winning shop to perform lasting convertible top repairs on any vehicle. Contact us to set up an appointment or discuss the problem with a knowledgeable specialist.

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