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South Bay Auto Enthusiasts: Our Classic Car Restoration Services Will Help You Place

Classic car enthusiasts love the South Bay. The warm climate helps preserve old automobiles, but they still need repairs and restoration work. The expert mechanics at Trim Line & European Upholstery perform classic car restoration and repair on a regular basis. We strive to maximize reliability and safety while reviving a vehicle's original appearance. Auto show participants often turn to our shop for services.

You can depend on us to fix an assortment of older vehicles, including models from North America, Europe, and Asia. We rejuvenate compact sports cars just as thoroughly as early station wagons with wood paneling. Our talented specialists have the training and experience needed to perform highly effective classic car restoration.

We don't just fix relatively common brands like Mercury and Chrysler. You've come to the right place if you have a rare high-end auto. Our mechanics provide vintage car restoration services for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Porsche owners. They handle every vehicle with great care and avoid shortcuts that could put your vehicle at risk.

Classic Car Repair for Clients Who Appreciate the Details

If you need a classic car repair shop to fix your antique vehicle, try Trim Line & European Upholstery’s expert technicians. We maintain business relationships with a variety of manufacturers and other part suppliers and only bring the best to our clients. We know how to obtain high-quality components and safely dispose of old units. Our classic car parts perform just as proficiently as the equipment that an automaker originally installed in your vehicle.

Don't hesitate to consult with our professional staff if you have questions about restoring an auto. We supply motorists and insurers with free classic car repair quotes. Our shop always charges competitive rates. We serve numerous customers from Los Angeles, Redondo Beach and South Bay. If you're interested in classic car parts or restoration services, contact us today.

Our Classic Car Restoration Services
Our Classic Car Restoration Services
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